King John's House, Romsey

This building dates to 1256. King John’s House, Romsey, is a stone building with very fine windows and door mouldings. It formed part of the former Romsey Abbey (which was a nunnery), being perhaps a small guest lodging for men. A single chamber occupies the first floor, the roof of which is of individual rafter couples with soulaces, ashlar pieces, solepieces and three tiebeams, one of which dated to 1256. This tiebeam has a mortice in the top which corresponded to a mortice in the soffit of the collar above, for a king-strut which has been replaced by a crownpost assembly inserted at a later date. Assuming the 1256 date to be the primary phase of construction, many of the soulaces were clearly second-hand even then, some being resawn and exposing stave mortices but still marked with comparable assembly marks as in the other truss members. All joints between the rafters, soulaces and ashlars are morticed.


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