English Medieval Wooden Architecture


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Various views of a scarf joint from Manor Farm Barn, Binstead 1296

(this is the only one of its type found in Hampshire so far)


Splayed and tabled scarf 1249-1360 in Hampshire

splayed and tabled scarf trans

splayed and tabled scarf wire

Splayed scarf 1249-1360 in Hampshire


splayed wire


Splayed and tabled scarf from Wherwell 1280

wherwell scarf

wherwell trans

wherwell wire

'Type 3' morticed scarf 1301-1528* in Hampshire

(* my research stops at 1530 so it is possible this joint goes beyond that date)

mortice scarf

mortice scarf trans

mortise scarf wire


'Type 2' A face-halved scarf 1400-1500 in Hampshire

face halved scarf trans

face halved scarf


'Type 4' Socket scarf 1420-1448 in Hampshire

I have not found this joint in any literature so far, it has been found in 3 Hampshire houses;

The Nook (Dummer), Thatched Cottage (North Warnborough) and Park View (Tichborne)

wedge scarf trans

wedge scarf wire





video archive


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A video of a tiebeam lap-dovetail joint from the early 15thC

©R Haddlesey 2007 click here to download an interactive 3D model of the above joint (3d pdf)

A video of a British medieval fortification on the Island of Nevis (now demolished for an airport!)

©R Haddlesey 2006


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